Competition websites have become red hot in the past couple of years and getting hotter each day. The reason being that you can earn great money with a well planed site.

13i Global is here to give you the best start and advantages above other competition websites. How we do this is by doing what we do best & integrate advanced features that will put you above the rest.


“One Step Beyond” is an understatement, we go multiple steps beyond the other competition websites and continue everyday to add more “must have” features to our websites to keep you above the rest.

You do not need to have all the features, just choose what works best with your audience that increases sales. The features that we do add have been designed either to increase sales, SEO, or reduce your admin workload.

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At 13i Global we make sure that we offer everything that you need to get your competition website on solid ground and has no weakness.

A competition website will not perform well without bespoke hosting. Our hosting is advanced and adjusted to your website needs. It offers advanced features that are unique and will keep your website at optimum performance.
We work with you from the start to make sure that it is exactly how you want it. We also advice you in what we know works and what does not. You will have a one on one designer and the latest features will be offered to you.
We offer support 24/7 for both hosting and website. You will be kept up to date on all new advanced features as they are rolled out and made available. This will keep you always ahead of the rest.
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Our Standard Build

Our standard build is filled with must have features that are bespoke to our competition websites. These are must have features that no new competition website can do without.

  • Bespoke Advanced Hosting

  • Premium Theme

  • Elegance Enhancement

  • Integrated Woo Commerce

  • One Page Checkout

  • Quick View

  • Advanced Login/Register

  • Mailchimp Integration

  • Answer Question Without Login

  • Add To Basket Without Login

  • Register/Login At Checkout

  • Add To Basket Direct From Anywhere

  • Slide Out Basket

  • Full Details Displayed

  • Advanced security

Common Questions & Answers

Competition website are complicated & have multiple features that are built into it. It has multiple options & far too many to list. If you cannot find the answer below, contact us & we will be happy to give you the answer.

We have one price no matter the options you choose that are available, which is £2,500

Yes, we can work with you to have the payment in instalments. You will need to contact us to work out what is suitable for both you & us.

We supply:

  • Bespoke Hosting
  • Modified Premium Theme
  • Woo-commerce modified lottery plugin
  • Crafting of website
  • Ensure Website is compliant to the lottery commission & payment gateway.
  • Provide an APP with push notifications.

What’s needed & not included:

  • Payment gateway provider which needs to be a specialist in this field. We do give you links to the most common ones that are used on this type of site.
  • If you wish to advertise through Facebook, you will need to apply for their licence.
  • Its up to yourself to open social media platforms.
  • If you wish to use mailchimp etc, its up to you to open an account.

You have 2 that involves what we provide:

  • Hosting renewal @ £150 per year. (Free for the first year) This includes the lottery plugin updates & licence.
  • Optional ongoing support for the website (Hosting is always supported) after the initial 3 months after build. Optional cost is £50 per month which is a 1 year contract & is not available after the first 3 months free support has expired.

We provide full access to hosting & website.

If the website has been paid in full, you can move the website to any other platform you wish. The lottery plugin is licenced & will cost £99 per year if you wish to keep using it & payable from when you move platforms. We will no longer provide support for your website once moved.

Please note that the lottery plugin is integrated with the theme & hosting. If moving elsewhere you will need to keep the same theme & get your host provider to adapt your hosting to run Avada & Competition plugin.

The simple answer is no. The plugin is specific to the modified theme & hosting & will not work elsewhere from scratch by itself. Its only transferable to another platform after the complete package has been crafted by us & then is available by a paid licence & will need the full package transferred.

We make sure that the website is compliant to the lottery commission?

Yes, we will help during the first 3 months to ensure you know exactly how it works.

On each competition you can download with one click all the information for each competition. There are a number of different options available for you take as much or as little information.

Obviously logo, colour & images are changed for to match the type of competitions you are having. Also, albeit not much text within the site, this will need to be supplied by yourself & we will add it to the site.

We are experienced in what works within competition websites & we will advice you in this, but at the end of the day its your choice.

Added features can be added at extra cost if they do not conflict with the competition plugin.

We are flexible in what you need & small items changes we usually do for free or minimal cost.

Our clients usually provide their own logo, but if you wish we can provide a basic logo for you.

Please also note that it is best to talk to us about what is required for the logo to be displayed on all devices including the Apple & IPhone retina scan logos.

If you think if you build a website they shall come, you best not to do it. It takes commitment to work in getting people to your website & once they do, making sure that each draw is completed on time with a clear format to ensure the selection of the winner is not biased in the slightest.

Also make sure you have prompt delivery of the prize & its exactly as described. Try to get a picture of the winner with the prize.

Those committed & prepared to work at it will succeed & will be rewarded for their commitment.

We provide support for the hosting for all the time you are with us.

The website we give full support for the website for free during the first 3 months. Before this time ends we offer a 1 year contract for to continue this support. We will NOT offer website support after the first 3 months if you have not taken up the offer before the end of the 3 months. (This is to stop inexperienced people doing work on the website that causes ongoing issues throughout the website & causing us far more work to fix it.)

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